Saturday, April 20, 2013

Urban War Hammer - Cogadh

My latest home, do it yourself project. Took a few hours. Probably would have been done in less than 2, if allowed to work non stop. However, having a 3 year old does not allow one a great deal of time to pursue projects. I still managed to complete the build in less than 5 hours. I will list the parts and basic instructions on what exactly i did under the pictures.
I can not take credit for coming up with this awesomeness!!  I found it here on So thanx to the guys over there for smaking a truly awesome D.I.Y. project!!


- 3/4" diameter, 12" long black steel pipe (threaded on each end)
   -Quantity x1
- 3/4" T connector
   -Quantity x1
-3/4" to 1/2 " reducer
   -Quantity x1
-3/4" connectors
   -Quantity x2
-3/4" end caps
   -Quantity x2
-1/2" squared plug
   -Quantity x1

-Bicycle inner tube
-fine grit sand paper
-steel bristle brush

The Build:
1 - Start by using the sand paper and steel brush to clean off the pipe and all the connections and adapters
2 - Sand and buff until you are satisfied with the level of shininess
3 - Attach 1 end cap to the 12" section of pipe
4 - Fill the pipe with sand to just below where the the threads are
5 - Pour super glue into the pipe on top of the sand. Enough to create a hard layer so the sand stays put
6 - Assemble the head
7 - At this point i used a generic superglue and glued each connection point.
      - I didn't use a great deal of glue, just enough to see it seep down into the threads. I did not glue the connection point between the head assemble and the main pipe. I want to be able to use interchangeable heads in the future.
9 - Add dry cement mix to the head assembly. Allow the mix to fill the entire void space inside the assembly. Leave enough room at the base of the T connector to allow the main pipe to be screwed into place.
10- VERY VERY SLOWLY add water directly into the head assembly. I added a very small amount at a time and would shake it back and forth. I added just enough water to see the cement mix become a thick molasses like consistency
11 - Allow a few minutes for the cement to harden.
12 - Not sure if this step is actually needed, but i added another layer of superglue on top of the cement. I wanted to make sure the sand and the cement would stay in place. As i said in step 7 i want to be able to remove the current head assembly and add a different one later on. So for me it was important that the cement stayed where it was.
13 - If you want to use bicycle inter tubes to create a rubber grip, you need to do so before attaching the head assembly. Cut you inter tube to the correct size and slide it down over the main pipe.
14 - Thread the head assembly onto the main pipe.
15 - Smash Stuff!

* Notes and Considerations:
I used a table top vice clamp to assist when attaching the different components. I would lock one component into the vice and then use a pair of channel locks or a pipe wrench to tighten them down.

When attaching the head assembly to the main pipe you are gonna want to use some wrenches. This is the only connection point not secured with an adhesive so before you go out and start smashing, make sure you have tightened it down real good!

The Cement and Sand are purely optional steps. However i included them in this crappy tutorial and highly recommend using them for 2 reasons:
     1 - The sand in the handle acts as a wonderful shock absorber when you do hit things. Think of striking a hard stationary object with a hollow metal pipe. You know that damned sting you get in your hands? Sucks right! Well filling the handle with sand in this little project completely nullifies the vibrations, hence no stinging! YAY!
     2 - The added weight from the sand and cement make this little project into something truly terrifying. Its adds a significant amount of weight to your hammer giving you some serious striking power in something that's just over a foot long. Its heavy enough to do some real damage, yet not so heavy that you cant carry the thing around all day!

And last and probably the most important thing i will say in this entire post, DON'T BE STUPID!! Making weapons is fun and should remain fun. Hitting inanimate objects is a wonderful stress reliever. So please use your common sense and don't hurt yourself or anyone else. If you happen to be one of the multitudes of people barely surviving in this world because you have no common sense, then for f*ck's sake don't make a damn home made weapon. And if you decide to ignore my advice, and you go ahead and make a home made war hammer from plumbing supplies and you inevitably hurt yourself or some one you care about, well don't hold me responsible.

I am saying it here and now, i explained how i built this with what materials so MY FRIENDS could see what i do in my spare time, not so you could break your arm. And that goes for any kind of property damage as well. Please, just don't be stupid!

Make Weapons, Build Shit and go Break Stuff in a fun and responsible way!

Thanx and hope you enjoyed!!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

E Street

Was out walking with Connor around sun set. My favorite time to take pictures. The sun is low in the sky that gives a dark yellow light to everything and incredible shadows. Took a picture of a street sign and then did some HDR Toning in photoshop. Nothing spectacular but its fun to look at.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Vehicle Rescue Demonstration

The Stowe Township Fire Department preforming a vehicle rescue demonstration for the public. By the end of the demonstration the roof was gone and it barely resembled a car anymore.


A fellow firefighter setting up an anchor point on the ladder to rappel. The Stowe Township Fire Department Hosted a Public Safety Day today. We grand opened our new fire station and invited the public to come take a tour. We also had a few events for everyone to watch and participate. We had Patches the fire dog teaching fire safety, a fire hose with a little wooden house where the kids had to knock down the fire in the windows. And we had some fire fighters preforming rope rescue, which is where this picture came from. And last but not least we had a vehicle rescue demonstration. Those pictures will be uploaded next.